WP4 - Future Emerging Trends and Recommendations

This workpackage will focus on a prospective study concerning the design of next generation Remote Instrumentation (RIS) services.
Starting from the outcomes of WP2 and WP3, WP4 will aim to evaluate the impact of  networks and grid technologies advances on the development of next generation virtual laboratories offering access to top-level instruments across Europe. The main differences between the current state of the art and users’ expectations will be highlighted. Front-end interfaces, middleware services and communications networks technologies will be taken into consideration to identify future emerging trends. Special attention will be paid to on-going research activities enabling a cooperative and integrated use of Grid technologies and self-organizing, self-configuring, self-optimizing, self-healing networks with QoS support.
The main outcomes  of WP4 will be the following:
  • Recommendations for the development of  new user access solutions to RIS environments,
  • Recommendations for the development of  grid infrastructures for RIS environments,
  • Evaluation of the impact of access and core network evolution on RIS services.
Discussion list: