WP5 - Dissemination, standardisation and cooperation with other projects

This workpackage focuses on increasing the awareness of benefits from using the Remote Instrumentation Systems among scientific, industrial and business communities of users. This goal will be addressed by various dissemination activities: preparation and distribution of brochures, organisation of seminars, participation to workshops and congresses, publishing of papers on international journals, and continuous update of the project web-site and the relevant databases.WP5 will also be responsible for contacts and cooperation with other projects. Special emphasis will also be put on standardisation initiatives.
In the initial phase of the project, a dissemination and exploitation plan for the whole project duration will be prepared. Simultaneously, the project website should be operational at the beginning of the project and continuously updated during the whole project lifetime. The first project brochures should be ready for the second internal meeting. These brochures will be completed with guidelines for future Remote Instrumentation Systems, as soon as project results become available. The standardisation effort would mainly include creation and active participation in the GGF group devoted to Remote Instrumentation during regular GGF meetings. The outcome of the project will be presented during the organised seminar on Remote Instrumentation Systems as well as during international conferences on IT/Remote Instrumentation users area. The workpackage results will be periodically reported.
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