No. Date Description Reference
1   RINGrid project folder and leaflets preparation  
2   Project web portal creation and maintenance  
3   RINGrid logo preparation  
4   Brainstorming and identification of a list of potential groups of users  
5 16.10.2006 In conjunction with: EPE 2006 - 4-th International Conference on Electrical and Power Engineering, Iasi, Romania and in connection with: Ceex M1 Speedvirt: Informatic System Of Interactive Training Based On High-Speed Multitask Algorithms Developed On The Reconfigurable Online Platform For Virtual Laboratory Type Aplications  
6   Preparation of the RINGrid project website in the popular web encyclopaedia Wikipedia WWW
7   Collaborative preparation, corrections and a review action within D5.1  
801.11.2006 In connection with: Ceex M2 Virtex: Virtual And Distributed Systems In Support Of Quality And Maintenance Management  
9 15.11.2006 RINGrid dissemination during the "Día Virtual CUDI de Laboratorios Compartidos",Conference  
10 11-17.11.2006 Presenting RINGrid at the conference stands during the SuperComputing 2006  
11 21-23.11.2006 Presenting RINGrid at the IST 2006 Conference, Helsinki,Finland  
12 04-06.12.2006 Presence at the BESSY synchrotron facility user meeting in Berlin - dissemination of the RINGrid brochures and contacts with the user community  
13 04-06.12.2006 Project presentation at the 2nd International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, Amsterdam, Netherlands  
14 06-07.12.2006 Project presentation at the 4th TERENA NRENs and Grids Workshop, Amsterdam, the Netherlands  
15 11-12.12.2006One invited seminar was hosted in UniS on "Grid Computing Core Technologies" given by Dr. Maozhen Li from Brunel University  
16 14-15.12.2006 Project presentation at the BELIEF eInfrastructures conference, New Dehli, India  
17 15.12.2006 In connection with: Ceex M3 E-Mange:The Development Of Romanian Integration Capacity In Programs, Platforms And European Networks, In Domain Of Virtual And Distribuited Systems Of Design And Research Managment  
18 22-23.03.2007 MINOS brokerage event in Bucharest). Cooperation in industry-oriented research in an enlarged Europe: "Info- and brokerage event in new technologies and materials (FP7/2007: NMP/ICT)" WWW
19   REUNAs yearly Report: Memoria REUNA 2006", Page 48 PDF
20   First eScience Book writen in Latin-America: "e-Ciencia" PDF
21   CLARAs yearly Report: Memoria CLARA 2006" Page 19 PDF
22 22-23.03.2007 paper submitted for INGRID conference "Application of perfSONAR architecture in support of GRID monitoring"  
23 16-18.04.2007 paper submitted for INGRID conference "Digital Science Library in Remote Instrumentation System"  
24 16-18.04.2007 paper submitted for INGRID conference "Grid Integration of Future Arrays of Broadband Radio-Telescopes - moving towards e-VLBI"  
25 23-28.04.2007 Advanced Training Workshop on Instruments and Sensors on the Grid, Trieste, Italy  
26 07-11.05.2007 Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) organization at OGF20 in Manchester, UK WWW
27 09-11.05.2007 Presentation "PSNC Virtual Laboratory system as implementation of remote instrumentation idea" at EGEE User Forum. Manchester, UK PDF
2809-11.05.2007 Presentation "Approach to the remote instrumentation idea in the RINGrid project" at EGEE User Forum. Manchester, UK PDF
2919-21.09.2007 15th IMEKO TC4 Symposium on Novelties in Electrical Measurements and InstrumentationWWW
3020-22.09.2007 poster at 3rd Symposium: "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine"WWW
3116-18.10.2007Cracow Grid WorkshopWWW
3210-11.01.20081st HellasGrid User ForumPPT