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GUP: Institut fuer Graphische und Parallele Datenverarbeitung, Johannes Kepler Universitaet Linz

GUPGUP is the leading partner and coordinator of the Austrian Grid initiative, a nationally funded project for the establishment of a permanent Grid infrastructure in Austria, which consists of all aspects from the hardware resources, the Grid middleware, and the Grid applications in Austria and related partner countries. Besides its role as a coordinator, GUP is heavily involved in the setup of the main Grid hardware nodes, the deployment of the software at all sites, and the development of middleware extensions for specific application requirements. For the latter, GUP concentrates on user interfaces and interactive visualization on the grid, while supporting Grid applications from astrophysics, biomedicine, and numerical computing among others. In addition, GUP is also the coordinating partner of Austria in the EU EGEE Project (with Dieter Kranzlmüller as the EGEE Deputy Project Director) as well as in the Central European Grid Consortium. Appointed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Arts (BMBWK), GUP places one of the two national representatives in the EU e-Infrastructures Reflection Group (eIRG). The institute itself is located on the campus of the Joh. Kepler University (JKU), which is a traditional leader of supercomputing, cluster computing and grid computing in Austria. The JKU hosts a major academic high-performance computing and networking center, as well as the leading Austrian Virtual Reality Center VRC@JKU.