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UNIS: University of Surrey

UNISThe Centre for Communication Systems Research, or CCSR, is the UK's largest and most well-known research centre in Mobile and Satellite Communications and Networks. The Centre consists of: 12 academics, 35 researchers, 58 PhD research students, 7 support staff.
The research concentrates on future communications and networks, covering the following areas:
  • Mobile and wireless communication systems
  • Satellite communications and networks
  • Integration of communication systems 
  • Networking (protocols, software, security)
  • Telecommunications management systems (TMN, CORBA, Java) 
  • Core network technologies (IP, software, broadband networks) 
  • Multimedia services and signals (speech, video and service)
  • Enabling technologies (modulation, coding, signal processing, channel characterisation)

Overall, the Centre has L5 million of ongoing specialised research, funded in approximately equal ratios from the European Union (including ACTS, Esprit and IST projects), the EPSRC (a major Research Council in the United Kingdom), ESA and industry.
We are a major player in the European Union, with fifteen ACTS and Esprit projects running from 1998 onwards. These range from satellite systems, mobile communications, multimedia, IP and ATM telecoms management to new chips. Our European partners number around forty companies and universities.
We are heavily involved in the Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence. This has funded substantial elements of our recent major communications awards from the EPSRC. On the industrial front we now have twelve industrially-funded projects which cover UK, European, Japanese, and US industries.
In addition to our research, the Centre is a major contributor to the School's one-year Masters courses in Satellite Communication Engineering, Mobile and Satellite Systems and Data and Internet networking. We also contribute one-week courses to the continuing education programme in the areas of Digital Telecommunication Networks, Third-Generation Mobile Communications and Satellite Communications, IP networking protocols. We also run the IEE vacation school on satellite communication systems.