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WP1 - Management

This workpackage will provide the managerial structure and procedures for both: technical and administrative issues to ensure smooth and successful work of the overall project as well as high quality of the project results (as described in chapter 5 of this proposal). The project managerial bodies will be established at the kick-off meeting organized at the beginning of the project. Discussions between project partners during this meeting will also result in defining the cooperation rules and adjusting of activity scheduling or objectives. Organisation of regular internal meetings is also planned for overall progress assessment and discussing changes of activity time-plan or goals (if necessary, for successful project execution). The managerial bodies will be continuously active during the whole project lifetime preparing periodical (and final) reports, providing administrative support for the project, monitoring the overall progress of the project and quality of results, coordinating of work - and information-flow between the WPs, interfacing with the EU commission and solving local conflicts (if any arise).

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