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Workpackages - Introduction

The RINGrid project consists of six workpackages:

  • WP1 (Management): The project management activity will provide the managerial structure and procedures for both technical and administrative issues, to ensure smooth and successful work of the overall project, as well as a high quality of the project results; Discussion lists:
  • WP2 (Identification of instruments and user communities, definition of requirements): This workpackage will provide systematic information about identification, instrument specifications, services and access requirements for science equipment suitable for the RINGrid project aims;
  • WP3 (Evaluation and requirements for infrastructures): This workpackage performs a study of (research) network and grid infrastructures currently in use or intended to be used for interconnecting the scientific instruments selected by the RINGrid consortium;
  • WP4 (Future Emerging Trends and Recommendations): This workpackage will focus on a prospective study concerning the design of next generation Remote Instrumentation services;
  • WP5 (Dissemination, standardisation and cooperation with other projects): The measurable results of the RINGrid project are reports that give the current state of the art in the field of e-Infrastructure usage for Remote Instrumentation and reports on future guidelines. We believe that these achievements of the project will be especially important for broad communities of scientific and business groups of users;
  • WP6 (Prototype implementation and verification): This workpackage has been created to practically verify results achieved in previous work WP2, WP3 and WP4). Prototype installations will be set up, by taking into consideration user communities and instruments chosen under the realization of WP2 activities, as well as software chosen after the survey performed in WP3.