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PSNC: Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN - Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

PSNCPSNC is affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej PAN) and is responsible for the development and management of PIONIER, the national research network in Poland – which is connected to the GEANT2 network with the speed of 10Gbit/s.  The PIONIER itself is an advanced optical network based on its own fibers, own DWDM transmission equipment and own 10 Gigabit Ethernet communication channels. What makes PIONIER different from other fiber-based networks is the fact that the fiber was built by the research and for research. Currently PIONIER has over 3200km of its own fiber cable lines (with an average of 16 to 24 fibers in each relation) and also available fiber pipes for future fiber generations. Today PIONIER connects 21 MANs (city networks) in Poland, 18 of them connected directly by fiber with 10 Gigabit Ethernet channel, including also the city network in Poznań – POZMAN operated by PSNC.
Another activity of PSNC is to deliver computational, visualization and storage infrastructure for research and development purposes.  Nowadays the HPC infrastructure includes larger SMP machines (both scalar and vector architectures) and 64-bit clusters with a peak performance of 3+ TFlops. The storage infrastructure is connected with the SAN network, equipped with disk arrays and tape systems of 80 TB capacity.
The main research areas covered by PSNC concern grid activity (resource management, security, accounting and user account management, workflows), supporting users’ mobility, networking, management and accessing remote facilities, especially labour equipments.  Therefore we have been participating in several national and international R&D projects, e.g.: GridLab (IST-2001-32133), CrossGrid (IST-2001-32243), GridStart (IST-2001-34808), EGEE, CoreGRID, HPC Europa, GridCord, InteliGrid, PROGRESS (in co-operation with SUN Microsystems), Virtual Laboratory, SGIgrid – ”High Performance Computing and Visualisation with the SGI Grid for Virtual Laboratory Applications” (in co-operation with Silicon Graphics), Clusterix – ”National Cluster of Linux Systems”, connecting 12 universities and HPC centres in Poland.  The history of PSNC participation in network-related IST projects includes:
We have substantial knowledge and expertise in leading projects on the national and international level, like GridLab (the IST project coordinated by PSNC), PROGRESS (a national project with 5 partners), PortaOptica (in the final negotiation phase), KMD – National Data Storage (with 10 partners).
Another example worth mentioning and closely connected to the RINGrid project proposal is the Virtual Laboratory (VLab), a national based project ( which has been developed in PSNC. The VLab is a framework architecture aiming to provide remote access to various kinds of unique and therefore expensive scientific laboratory equipments. The main goal of the VLab was to embed remote facilities in grid environments, closely supporting the experimental processes with the computing and visualization infrastructure. Another purpose concerned the concept of Dynamic Measurement Scenarios (DMS). DMS allows defining the measurement workflow in a way which is convenient for the user: from pre-processing, through executing the experiment, to the post-processing and visualization tasks. The Virtual Laboratory is not only a set of mechanisms to submit, monitor and execute jobs. It is also a possibility to give access to the resources of the digital library, communication, and e-Learning systems. The VLab project introduced two different instruments: NMR spectroscope and radio telescope.