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The end of RINGrid project

The project has officially finished in the end of April 2008 and passed the final review on May 6th 2008 in Brussels. However, most of the RI (Remote Instrumentation) aspects within the GRID are still being investigated and developed in the DORII project. Please have a look on it's website for more information.

The document (white paper) presenting the final outcome of the RINGrid project is available here

White Paper

Publications & presentations

  • Remote Instrumentation on the Grid - Current experience and future steps on a European Level

A presentation was given by Costas Kotsokalis from GRNET during 1st HellasGrid User Forum on Jan 10 - 11, 2008. It is available here

  • 3rd Symposium 'Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine'

PSNC has contributed in end users conference related to NMR applications - 3rd Symposium: "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine". The title of our accepted poster is: "Digital Science Library as contemporary tool in remote instrumentation systems".

  • REUNAs yearly Report: "Memoria REUNA 2006" (page 48, Only in PDF)

Published in REUNA Under the Newsroom section (Sala de Prensa) in Publications (Publicaciones)

  • First eScience Book writen in Latin-America: "e-Ciencia"
Printed (600 copies) version is starting to be distributed now in Chile and will be also distributed during the eScience Congress + it will be sent to the CLARA member institutions Executive Directors. (I will send you a couple of copies, sorry it is only in Spanish, with Carlos Veloso).
There is also a PDF file that can be downloaded in REUNAs website. Published in REUNA Under the Newsroom section (Sala de Prensa) in Publications (Publicaciones).RINGRid has a s mall chapter in page 38.

Project preview

Project preview

  • Full project name: Remote Instrumentation in Next-generation Grids
  • Type of project: SSA
  • Project start date: October 1st, 2006
  • Project duration: 18 months
  • Number of partners: 12 (incl. two consortia: Italy and Latin America) from 11 countries (Poland, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom)
  • Coordinator: PSNC
  • RINGrid discussion list



  • Identification of instruments and user communities, definition of requirements
  • Synergy between remote instrumentation and next-generation high-speed communications networks and grid infrastructures
  • Trend analysis and recommendations for designing next-generation remote instrumentation services
  • Promoting egalitarian access to european e-Infrastructure opportunities
  • Dissemination of project results to scientific and business groups of users


  • Interactive access to equipment is under special attention in this project


Validation of the project results will base on the following testbed implementations:


  • RINGrid provides an architecture which integrates instrumentations with eInfrastructure:
    • encompasses the current state of art, near future technology
    • conceptual design  of missing architectural ‘pieces’
    • supported by Grid environment
  • Prototyping and validation is foreseen in the last phase – 4Q2007/1Q2008
  • RINGrid is looking for collaboration in terms of interactivity and joint effort in GGF
  • Project life time: Oct. 2006 – March 2008